SEALS Test Manual


Legionella (Water samples)
Preferred Specimen Type Water (in a Sterile container)
Alternate Specimen
Collection Information The Legionella Reference Lab must be contacted prior to submitting unscheduled samples on (02) 9646 0222.

A special request form is required, which contains instructions for submitting samples for testing.
Legionella Ref Lab Submission Form
Specimen Code OT
Test Abbreviation SENT
Test Set M1001
Laboratory Information Samples must be delivered to the Lidcombe laboratory within 24 hours after collection of the sample.
The laboratory cannot test samples delivered on Fridays except by prior arrangement.
Minimum Assay Volume - Not Collection Volume 100mL
Department Sendaway
Storage Refrigerate
Site Legionella Reference Laboratory FASS Lidcombe NSW
Randwick Label
Kogarah Label
Sutherland Label
Sydney Label
SEALS South Label
Update On 26/06/2020